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Rent a Unit in Two Minutes or Less with CallPotential’s SmartKIOSK

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Purchase Price: $999 per SmartKIOSK + Shipping

Monthly Service: $65 per Month


SmartKIOSK Order Includes:

– Weatherproof Enclosure

– Hardware

– Software

– Support


Capture More Revenue with 24/7 Self Service – Interactive Touchscreen & built in eSign


Weather Proof for Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities


Smart Scan Prefills Data from IDs, and Credit Cards eliminating user error and incorrect information


Integrates with Most Property Management Software

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Built in eSign & ID Scanner – SmartKIOSK scans a customer’s license and automatically enters their information making the process quicker and eliminating data entry errors. Touchscreen functionality allows for easy use, e-Signatures, and displaying interactive video size guides.

24/7 Self Service – Rent a Unit in 2 minutes or Less! Capture rentals and payments during and after hours with a sleek, all weather kiosk that is so intuitive that your customers can choose a unit, enter their information, make a payment and receive access in less than two minutes while ensuring lease compliance and integrating with most management software.

In Office Move-In Acceleration – Accelerate in office move-ins during operating hours. Automatically loaded data in management software allows managers to process rentals without typing a single keystroke.